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• Appliances that we use in our everyday lives can cause us harm. Faults with these appliances or with wiring can prove fatal. A Safety Switch can help save a life by monitoring and turning off power through a circuit within 0.03 of a second should it detect a fault. A Switchboard mounted safety switch provides the necessary protection for your home or investment property. All power and lighting circuits can be protected. Switchboard mounted safety switches must be installed by a registered electrical contractor, therefore should your property not be protected Casey Electrical Service can assist. An aging property may also require a switchboard upgrade to enable safety switches to be installed. Do not hesitate to discuss this require completely understand all facets of commercial electrical contracting. Our skilled and professional team enables us to provide you with the most competitive quotes whilst maintaining the highest standard of service and output. We use the best and professional equipment to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients with our expertise in the fields of-
• High pressure low flow water is pumped from the water tank (which is shown in blue) to the excavation head
• The water slurries the earth and is removed by the vacuum hose (shown in black)
• The removed soils move from the vacuum hose and are deposited in the tank for removal
• The vacuum pressure air is filtered, compressed by the vacuum pump and exhausted safely into the atmosphere.
• Locating underground services without damage or costly repairs from utility companies
• Eliminate the risk of damaging live services leading to costly legal action
• Create access for live gas, sewer and water pipe repairs and maintenance
• Clean out electrical pits, communication pits and storm water pits
• Create potholes for fence posts, sign posts, or any deep hole required
• Installing pull through ropes in conduit and ducting
• Tree root excavation
• Valve & hydrant maintenance
• Underpinning excavation
Hydro Excavation is a non-destructive and non-contact way of removing soil. It can be utilized when digging in and around areas that may result in damage by conventional excavation or when mechanical excavation may be considered dangerous.
Contact with electrical, gas pipes and data cables can be eliminated by using this unique process of soil removal
We recommend and can provide the following 3 steps prior to digging/excavating:
• Dial before you dig (ph. 1100)
• Radio detection scanning
• Hydro excavation
We use and recommend the Australian made and designed NODIG equipment.
Our operators are qualified Electrical Mechanics and registered communication cable works.


As an electrical contractor performing excavation work, we discovered the risk of unforeseen incidents that may occur during excavation works. Casey Hydro Excavation offers this service as a means of positively identifying underground assets prior to excavating.
This type of excavation is the most advanced technique available for non destructive digging.

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