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you are thinking of giving your home a brand new look, turn to electricians to make sure the wires, switches, fuses and everything electrical works right! Why call on a company you don’t know when you can get your electrical services from the home comfort provider that you and your neighbors have trusted for years? OUR HIGHLY SKILLED ELECTRICIANS CAN REPAIR ANY SAFETY CONCERN YOU MAY HAVE we can help you with a variety of services, such as:

o Electrical repair
o Electrical wiring installation
o Emergency backup generators
o Electric panel upgrades
o Whole house surge protection
o Outdoor lighting installation and repair
o Bath & attic exhaust fans installation and repair
o Additions & remodeling


A Proactive Approach to Wiring

Twenty years ago, who could have predicted that our homes would be filled with all the gizmos and gadgets that we now possess? When it comes to rewiring, it pays to think ahead. Be proactive and “get connected” with electricians!
Our expert electricians will replace your outdated electrical panel with safe, reliable, modern equipment. You’ll benefit from: no more faulty breakers, clearly marked switches and increased fire protection. Services include system-wide rewiring, adding outlets or switches, appliance wiring, wiring for home additions, safety inspections, lighting and load balancing. All work is performed by our own certified, experienced electricians.

Complete Home Rewiring Services

Offers home rewiring services to our customers in the Sarasota, FL, area. Whether you are planning a partial remodel or a complete renovation, our specialists can provide a home rewire that will bring your older electrical wiring up to code, making it safer and more efficient, while increasing its capacity. At Aqua, we also handle electric wiring installations for room additions and new home construction projects.

Complete Service Upgrade

For older electric wiring systems, a complete home rewire is strongly recommended. This helps ensure your family’s safety while increasing your system’s capacity to handle the multitude of modern electrical conveniences today’s busy families take for granted. At Aqua, we handle complete electrical service upgrades that involve replacing all the wiring in your home. Whenever you are contemplating a complete home renovation, home rewiring should be part of the package. If your system is very old, however, you would be wise to consider a full electrical system rewire even if you don’t currently have a home renovation project on the horizon.

Partial Service Upgrade

At Aqua, we also handle partial rewires. A homeowner might decide to commission a partial electrical service upgrade for one of the following reasons:

• The wiring in only one room or section of the home needs repair.
• Additional electrical circuitry or outlets are needed in only one part of the building – perhaps a workshop, office, or music studio.
• The wiring in one part of the building is older and in need of replacement.
For greater safety and higher performance, very old, low-amperage systems that use old-fashioned, screw-type fuses, should be replaced. Problems such as the following can often indicate a need for rewiring:
• Lights that flicker or sometimes don’t work at all
• Continually tripping circuit breakers
• Buzzing noises from light switches or electrical outlets
• Black marks, or burnt areas, around outlets
• Non-functioning outlets
• No electricity in one part of the building

Electrical Inspections

Older electrical systems are not as versatile as newer electric wiring and circuitry and could actually be dangerous. That’s why it’s always wise to have your electrical system inspected by an expert whenever you are planning any type of renovation project. If you are unsure whether your older wiring needs replacement, we can schedule an inspection to let you know the condition of your current electrical system.

Room Additions and New Home Construction

Along with our rewiring services, we also handle new wiring installations in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a small or large home addition in the works or are planning to build your home from the ground up, Aqua will provide superior electrical wiring installation service, giving you the safe, dependable modern circuitry that you need for all your 21st-century electrical applications.

offers a wide selection of electrical services, including inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs for your home’s electrical system. Our expert electricians provide these and other services to our customers in Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas, helping our neighbors get the most from their electrical systems. This is one important way we help to enhance their lives.

Electrical Troubleshooting

When you run into problems with your electrical system, our experts are available to help you uncover the issues that are at the root of the malfunction. In many cases, when the issue is a simple matter, we can guide you in solving the problem without the need for major repairs.

Some problems that can often be solved by electrical troubleshooting:

• Non-working outlets
• Flickering lights
• Malfunctioning downlights (recessed ceiling lights)
• Bulbs that blow out repeatedly
• Floor, table, or reading lamp issues

Often, there are simple explanations and simple fixes for problems such as the ones listed above, though each fix may be specific to the type of appliance, as well as to the issue itself. Our technicians will help you determine whether your issue has a simple fix or requires professional repair.

Electrical Repairs

When there’s no easy fix for an electrical problem you’re facing, our specialists can provide expert electrical repairs. Whether your job is large or small – and no matter what the diagnosis – we have the right prescription for your ailing electrical system, appliance, or component. As long as the problem is repairable, our professional electricians will handle the issue quickly, efficiently, and skillfully, restoring your system to full functionality.

Electrical Inspections

Our specialists are experts at carrying out electrical inspections, diagnosing isolated or system-wide problems, and prescribing the correct treatment to cure the ailment. An inspection is in order whenever you are planning a complete or partial home remodel and anytime significant electrical problems regularly recur.

Service Upgrades

When electrical problems continuously recur, despite repeated efforts at troubleshooting and repair, it may be time for an upgrade. Our specialists can assess the extent of the problem and determine whether complete or partial rewiring is needed to correct the issue, restore functionality, and ensure your family’s safety. Because electrical issues can create serious safety concerns, it’s critical not to overlook major malfunctions, which can quickly become fire or electric shock hazards.

Upgrades are also often required during major home renovations to update older wiring and ready your home’s electrical system to handle the increased demands that modern electronic products and appliances place on the system.
The electrical experts can assess, troubleshoot and repair your problem, or provide a service upgrade, anywhere in varied areas., our goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your electrical system can safely handle the daily demands of your modern lifestyle.

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