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Your vehicles electrical system not only allows you to enjoy the radio it is responsible for essential functions including starting your engine, powering your vehicles computer to illuminating your brake lights. Oftentimes, an electrical problem can be intermittent requiring a full inspection by a trained technician. Some of the basic signs you need to have your vehicle inspected include:

Turn signal flashing at a different speed. This can be from a bad bulb or faulty wiring
Brake light on dashboard lit. This can be from a bad bulb or faulty wiring
Accessories such as the defroster not turning on. This may be from a burned out fuse.
Dashboard lights periodically go dim. This is often a sign that your alternator is failing and requires immediate service.
Stalling at traffic lights. This is often a sign that your alternator is failing and requires immediate service.
Vehicle will not start. This is from the battery not having a strong enough charge. This can be due to an old battery or a failing alternator and requires immediate service
Vehicle will not start in cold weather. This is usually an indication of a bad battery.

Springdale Automotive has certified technician able to inspect and repair the following:

• Battery, Starting & Charging System
• Diagnosis and Repairs
• Battery Service & Replacement
• Starter Service & Replacement
• Alternator Service & Replacement
• Vehicle Lighting
• Vehicle Accessories
• Windshield Wipers
• Vehicle Wiring & Battery Cables

Electrical systems in vehicles today are complex, intricate systems. Improper handling of batteries and electrical wires runs the risk of shock and fire. We have certified technicians and the highest quality equipment in the automotive industry to help insure the safety and reliability of your vehicle and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and providing the best quality auto repair for your vehicle. We also work for ensuring the management of the following areas-

• To help prevent power outages, make sure there are not too many appliances      plugged into one circuit.
• Regularly use self-test button on ground fault circuit interrupters/arc to ensure proper working order.
• Before working with wires or electrical connections, check them with a voltage tester to be sure they are dead.
• Use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets where damp conditions exist (basements, bathrooms, outdoors, etc.), as required by the National Electric Code.
• Leave a warning message that you are working on the circuit at the service panel, and tape the circuit breaker in the off position. With a fuse box, take the fuse out.
• Plumbing and gas pipes are often used to ground electrical systems. Never touch them while working with electricity.
• Don’t use metal ladders with overhead electricity.

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