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Expertise in dealing with installation, replacement and repairing of tower lighting systems is achieved through our light and tower electrician at Coogee. Diagnosis of malfunctioning lighting systems or maintenance on current lighting systems is done through our fraternity. Offering is done on consulting on tower lighting upgrades and replacement. We maintain any tower or high standing structure. Our maintenance services include but are by no means limited to:

− Repair− Equipment Change-Out
− Plumb and Tension− Guy Wire Replacement
− Guy Coating− Guy Wire Anchor Corrosion Control
− Anchor Replacement− Site Grounding
− Antenna Repair− Inspection
− Lightning Protection− Lightning Damage Repair
− Restoration− Structural Reinforcement
− Retrofitting− Structural Upgrade to TIA/EIA Standards have a longer service life. From 2002 our endeavor was successful in erecting numerous towers including the most common types: guyed, self-support, monopole. There was also erection of MET towers, stealth installation towers and horizontal access wind turbines. Our group is an established tower erector and a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE).   There is high motivation in our success initiatives which stand on the ground of commitment.

Our organization is passionate about renewable energy. The child company of ours Unlimited Renewable Energies (URE) integrates effective renewable energy solutions to commercial and residential facility. Aerial welding team is skilled at welding at heights on all types of high standing structures. Welding safety awareness and practices in fire prevention insures professional effective results without damaging the structure.

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