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“LED-Lighting” works with the client to produce a brief for the site to be assessed. This may be based upon purely energy saving, quality of light and hence enhanced customer experience, Client Specific on of these parameters and more. There will be an initial energy assessment of the existing installation with supportive real-time monitoring. “LED-Lighting” will then work with the client to produce a lighting design and calculation conforming to Part L (2013) Compliance including the LENI calculation standards. Upon contractual agreement implementation of the proposal will commence.

We all take lighting for granted but it affects every aspect of our daily lives. It creates ambience, influences mood, and even impacts productivity – so getting it right is important. Commercial lighting also accounts for up to 40% of the energy cost in some office buildings, so selecting the right lamps and lighting technologies is critical to controlling your budget.

We’re always looking for new ideas and new ways to add value. A good example is our ‘Lighting in Future Environments’ (LIFE) approach, which is designed to save you money and reduce carbon emissions over the whole life of your lighting installations.

We’re also working with the world’s leading ‘Grade A’ lighting manufacturers to introduce the latest future-proof energy efficient technology, including LED lighting. Our commercial LED lighting already offers a fast, cost-effective and versatile service – but as pioneers in commercial lighting, we’re continuously strivingLighting design doesn’t just need to be functional – it can generate stunning visual effects, create ambiance, lift our mood, and influence our behaviour and productivity. Without expert commercial lighting design however, none of this is possible.

We’re industry leaders in lighting design, with our services already in place at some of the UK’s biggest businesses. By working together, we can help design lighting systems that can transform your office space.

We have our own in-house team of lighting designers who understand how to use light both artistically and effectively by exploiting all the latest technologies. Our lighting design team also understand how to adapt lighting to the needs of the people using it, whether its a shopping mall, a corporate HQ, or a public space.

And because we manage every aspect of lighting throughout its life-cycle, we have a completely different perspective from other commercial lighting design companies – who merely deliver the initial design and have no further involvement.

We’ve won awards across a whole range of sectors, but it’s not just about style. Our lighting design projects are technically efficient, environmentally sustainable, and legally compliant. So whether it’s a new lighting installation or an enhancement to an existing property, our lighting design team can achieve a unique balance between the art and science of brilliant lighting. for improvement

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