Fault Finding

Electrician Randwick

All electrical installations deteriorate over time due to many factors such as:
• Wear and tear
• Accidental damage
• Corrosion
• Overloading circuits
• Environmental influences such as burst pipes

The effects of all of these can cause degradation to your electrical power and lighting circuits.
Are you experiencing :

• Flickering lighting?
• Loss of power supply?
• Overheating cables?
• Tripping circuit breakers or a blowing fuse?

All of these symptoms can indicate that you have an electrical fault.
On arrival our electrician will consult with the tenant to ascertain the nature of the fault and will follow this by making a visual inspection looking for signs of wear and tear, mechanical damage to cables or accessories or signs of overheating or corrosion.

If this does not reveal the cause of the problem further tests will be carried out.
Once the problem has been isolated the faulty component will either be replaced immediately by the electrician, or as soon as an alternative can be sourced, and finally the corrected circuit will be tested and an electrical certificate will be issued.

All our electricians carry commonly installed spare parts and accessories and unlike many of our competitors we also hold stock of some less common components on our secured premises.

This allows us to provide our customers with a speedy and unrivalled service allowing their homes and businesses to return to normality with as little fuss as possible.

We provide our customers with a speedy resolution to your problems and unrivalled quality of service allowing for the interruptions from your electrical troubles to be reduced to minimum. Our excellent reputation has been built on efficiency and effectiveness.

Electrical faults are a health and safety hazard and could be putting your life in danger. Whether in the home or work environment, electrical faults put people at risk of electrocution and electrical fire. Our experts are highly skilled in the practice of electrical fault finding and will locate your fault quickly and with minimal disruption to your routine. Problems must be solved by replacing only defective equipment or components in the least amount of time. One of the most important factors in doing this, is the approach used. An expert troubleshooter uses a system or approach that allows them to logically and systematically analyze a circuit and determine exactly what is wrong.

Firstly we design and implement a fault location strategy, and then we explain the fault diagnosis and circuit system fault to you in full detail. If you have an open circuit, short circuit or electronic system fault we will apply an efficient diagnosis and effective solution to the problem.

we utilize the following fault finding strategy:

Analyze the symptoms of the electrical fault(s).

Determine the type of electrical fault: open circuit, short circuit, insulation breakdown.

Design the most effective and efficient strategy to solve the problem.

Explain to the customer in English, and not gobbled gook, exactly what needs fixing and the budget required.

Carry out the work with minimal disruption to the customer’s environment.

Don’t put your family or your staff at risk by ignoring electrical faults, call A.A. electrical services today and take action towards securing the safety of your home or work environment. All A.A. electricians are fully qualified and fully insured in implementing suitable repair work.

Design and replacement/repair of switchgear, contactors and resistors

We employ reliable professionals who are trained to deal with all aspects of electrical faults. Our reputable installation, repair and maintenance service covers the South East area. Our team of electricians provides you with maintenance of your electrical installation and appliances as well as a fast and reliable breakdown service. Recognizing current British standards, our electrical engineers are NICEIC registered, Part P accredited and qualified to 17th edition standard, as certified by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE). This enables us to offer the highest levels of professional service to you.

Light and Power

Electrician Coogee

Expertise in dealing with installation, replacement and repairing of tower lighting systems is achieved through our light and tower electrician at Coogee. Diagnosis of malfunctioning lighting systems or maintenance on current lighting systems is done through our fraternity. Offering is done on consulting on tower lighting upgrades and replacement. We maintain any tower or high standing structure. Our maintenance services include but are by no means limited to:

− Repair− Equipment Change-Out
− Plumb and Tension− Guy Wire Replacement
− Guy Coating− Guy Wire Anchor Corrosion Control
− Anchor Replacement− Site Grounding
− Antenna Repair− Inspection
− Lightning Protection− Lightning Damage Repair
− Restoration− Structural Reinforcement
− Retrofitting− Structural Upgrade to TIA/EIA Standards have a longer service life. From 2002 our endeavor was successful in erecting numerous towers including the most common types: guyed, self-support, monopole. There was also erection of MET towers, stealth installation towers and horizontal access wind turbines. Our group is an established tower erector and a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE).   There is high motivation in our success initiatives which stand on the ground of commitment.

Our organization is passionate about renewable energy. The child company of ours Unlimited Renewable Energies (URE) integrates effective renewable energy solutions to commercial and residential facility. Aerial welding team is skilled at welding at heights on all types of high standing structures. Welding safety awareness and practices in fire prevention insures professional effective results without damaging the structure.

Audio Visual & Electrical Services

Electrician Darlinghurst

At Audio Visual & Electrical Services Ltd we know a thing or two. We know the audio visual market, the video surveillance market, the Stage Lighting and sound market and as an approved NICEIC Contractor we also now the electrical installation and inspection market.

But we also know that along with our wealth of product knowledge, our customers will always receive unrivalled service & support and unbeatable value for money.

We provide high quality audio visual, video surveillance and electrical solutions to end-user organisations in the public and private sectors. As an NICEIC Approved contractor we are qualified to carry out the electrical installation work as well. Another area of our business is the Supply and installation of Stage Lighting and Sound Equipment. Other general electrical supply and installation work along with Periodic Test and inspection and Portable Appliance Testing is part of our daily work schedule.

Our goal is to offer our clients solutions based around the latest technology and products and to deliver them to the very highest standards.

As an Approved Contractor with the NICEIC, Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge City Council, Northampton County Council, Adden brookes NHS Hospital, Hinchingbrooke NHS Hospital, Carillion, PCM Management Services, Strictly Education, Mouchel and Wolseley UK Ltd you can be assured that our work is always to the highest standard.
We offer supply and installation of the following products. Interactive whiteboards Projectors Plasma and LCD Screens Digital Signage systems Electrical Installations from lighting, general power, it suites to fully controlled Media rooms. Stage Lighting and Sound Periodic Test and Inspections for Public Entertainment Licence and 5 yearly inspections. Portable Appliance Testing As well as providing the equipment we offer services to ensure that you can use the products at their best.

If required we can install your equipment. Our installations are carried out by fully trained and insured engineers and carry a 12 months warranty for peace of mind.
Once installed we can also train you on how to use the equipment. Training sessions are particularly useful for education customers.

Data and Telephone Cabling

commercial electrician sydney

John Curtin provides comprehensive cabling services which cover up the entire cable architecture. We specialize mainly in the domain of telecom and info oriented cabling. John Curtin specializes in the field of designing, installation and service providing of structured wire cabling system that provides aid to multiple products, multi vendor telecom infrastructure. The team of John Curtin meets the expectations of the clients through thorough corporate current and future networking requirements.

We also educate on the contemporary wire cabling technologies that makes high quality blended with cost friendly cable system that speaks through its hard core real actions. The USP of our organization lies in the fact that our entire range of services stand on the premises of two concrete realities. Primarily through certification of network cabling and wiring culminating in expert computer network cabling and wiring. The focus and motto in this regard is to provide services which ensure complete satisfaction with respect to efficient distribution and exchange of information either through telecom or info media mode of communication.

Switchboard Upgrades

Emergency Electrical Services Bondi

Switchboard is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire power system. Upgrading of switchboard is essential for generating electrical efficiency and material property safety management system. It becomes very important in this regard to ensure that the electrical standards are in line with the services provided in real life circumstances. John Curtin provides switch board upgrading which guarantees electrical infrastructure for complex electrical solutions. Hiring John Curtin for switchboard upgrading makes the varied group of clients rest assured of the industry standards which deliver just exactly what is wanted by the client. Our organization encourages the audience we are catering to give a call or communicate with us whenever they face an issue regarding switchboards. Our earnest efforts and cheerful mind in the domain of services results into a world of safe and highly efficient electrical system. The vision and mission of our organization starts and ends both with the ultimate world of quality.

John Curtin is a master in dealing with all kind of issues which severely affect the infrastructure of the switchboard setup. The company has the comprehensive expertise in dealing with the most disturbing aspects of blown fuses, light flickering and hot to touch switchboard cabling. The ultimate mission is to ensure the fact that the job is thoroughly done with minimum chances of any kind of further queries and problems. We troubleshoot to brainstorm the right output from all kinds and ranges of inputs.