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Find electricians in Waverly to meet both commercial and residential needs. The holistic electrician provides complete electrical infrastructure services that give both security and peace of mind to the business houses and the industry as well. The electricians have master expertise in handling with the issue of power and control system. The advanced extension areas like electro-mechanical devices are also well handled and mitigated by the electrical experts in a convincing manner. The USP of our organization lies in the very fact that apart from conventional electrical services, we also deal in critical areas. The areas in this forum include- protection and risk management of power gadgets and power system networking with respect to its overall management. We further our extended wings of  services through experts in the domain of signal processing and applications along with energy system management that makes us an eventual winner in both short and long run.

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Emergency Electrician Eastern Suburbs

you are thinking of giving your home a brand new look, turn to electricians to make sure the wires, switches, fuses and everything electrical works right! Why call on a company you don’t know when you can get your electrical services from the home comfort provider that you and your neighbors have trusted for years? OUR HIGHLY SKILLED ELECTRICIANS CAN REPAIR ANY SAFETY CONCERN YOU MAY HAVE we can help you with a variety of services, such as:

o Electrical repair
o Electrical wiring installation
o Emergency backup generators
o Electric panel upgrades
o Whole house surge protection
o Outdoor lighting installation and repair
o Bath & attic exhaust fans installation and repair
o Additions & remodeling


A Proactive Approach to Wiring

Twenty years ago, who could have predicted that our homes would be filled with all the gizmos and gadgets that we now possess? When it comes to rewiring, it pays to think ahead. Be proactive and “get connected” with electricians!
Our expert electricians will replace your outdated electrical panel with safe, reliable, modern equipment. You’ll benefit from: no more faulty breakers, clearly marked switches and increased fire protection. Services include system-wide rewiring, adding outlets or switches, appliance wiring, wiring for home additions, safety inspections, lighting and load balancing. All work is performed by our own certified, experienced electricians.

Complete Home Rewiring Services

Offers home rewiring services to our customers in the Sarasota, FL, area. Whether you are planning a partial remodel or a complete renovation, our specialists can provide a home rewire that will bring your older electrical wiring up to code, making it safer and more efficient, while increasing its capacity. At Aqua, we also handle electric wiring installations for room additions and new home construction projects.

Complete Service Upgrade

For older electric wiring systems, a complete home rewire is strongly recommended. This helps ensure your family’s safety while increasing your system’s capacity to handle the multitude of modern electrical conveniences today’s busy families take for granted. At Aqua, we handle complete electrical service upgrades that involve replacing all the wiring in your home. Whenever you are contemplating a complete home renovation, home rewiring should be part of the package. If your system is very old, however, you would be wise to consider a full electrical system rewire even if you don’t currently have a home renovation project on the horizon.

Partial Service Upgrade

At Aqua, we also handle partial rewires. A homeowner might decide to commission a partial electrical service upgrade for one of the following reasons:

• The wiring in only one room or section of the home needs repair.
• Additional electrical circuitry or outlets are needed in only one part of the building – perhaps a workshop, office, or music studio.
• The wiring in one part of the building is older and in need of replacement.
For greater safety and higher performance, very old, low-amperage systems that use old-fashioned, screw-type fuses, should be replaced. Problems such as the following can often indicate a need for rewiring:
• Lights that flicker or sometimes don’t work at all
• Continually tripping circuit breakers
• Buzzing noises from light switches or electrical outlets
• Black marks, or burnt areas, around outlets
• Non-functioning outlets
• No electricity in one part of the building

Electrical Inspections

Older electrical systems are not as versatile as newer electric wiring and circuitry and could actually be dangerous. That’s why it’s always wise to have your electrical system inspected by an expert whenever you are planning any type of renovation project. If you are unsure whether your older wiring needs replacement, we can schedule an inspection to let you know the condition of your current electrical system.

Room Additions and New Home Construction

Along with our rewiring services, we also handle new wiring installations in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a small or large home addition in the works or are planning to build your home from the ground up, Aqua will provide superior electrical wiring installation service, giving you the safe, dependable modern circuitry that you need for all your 21st-century electrical applications.

offers a wide selection of electrical services, including inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs for your home’s electrical system. Our expert electricians provide these and other services to our customers in Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas, helping our neighbors get the most from their electrical systems. This is one important way we help to enhance their lives.

Electrical Troubleshooting

When you run into problems with your electrical system, our experts are available to help you uncover the issues that are at the root of the malfunction. In many cases, when the issue is a simple matter, we can guide you in solving the problem without the need for major repairs.

Some problems that can often be solved by electrical troubleshooting:

• Non-working outlets
• Flickering lights
• Malfunctioning downlights (recessed ceiling lights)
• Bulbs that blow out repeatedly
• Floor, table, or reading lamp issues

Often, there are simple explanations and simple fixes for problems such as the ones listed above, though each fix may be specific to the type of appliance, as well as to the issue itself. Our technicians will help you determine whether your issue has a simple fix or requires professional repair.

Electrical Repairs

When there’s no easy fix for an electrical problem you’re facing, our specialists can provide expert electrical repairs. Whether your job is large or small – and no matter what the diagnosis – we have the right prescription for your ailing electrical system, appliance, or component. As long as the problem is repairable, our professional electricians will handle the issue quickly, efficiently, and skillfully, restoring your system to full functionality.

Electrical Inspections

Our specialists are experts at carrying out electrical inspections, diagnosing isolated or system-wide problems, and prescribing the correct treatment to cure the ailment. An inspection is in order whenever you are planning a complete or partial home remodel and anytime significant electrical problems regularly recur.

Service Upgrades

When electrical problems continuously recur, despite repeated efforts at troubleshooting and repair, it may be time for an upgrade. Our specialists can assess the extent of the problem and determine whether complete or partial rewiring is needed to correct the issue, restore functionality, and ensure your family’s safety. Because electrical issues can create serious safety concerns, it’s critical not to overlook major malfunctions, which can quickly become fire or electric shock hazards.

Upgrades are also often required during major home renovations to update older wiring and ready your home’s electrical system to handle the increased demands that modern electronic products and appliances place on the system.
The electrical experts can assess, troubleshoot and repair your problem, or provide a service upgrade, anywhere in varied areas., our goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your electrical system can safely handle the daily demands of your modern lifestyle.

CCTV Cabling and Systems

Electrician Waverly

Camera Security Systems have drastically changed in the past several years. Traditional analog video is being replaced by IP based cameras and video solutions. The benefits of networked video security systems include off site video storage, instant notifications of events/alarms, remote viewing, live monitoring, and smart phone control. certified dealer and integrator for Bosch Security Systems, a leading name in state-of-the-art video surveillance and recording systems. Bosch’s broad portfolio of products and systems are used by major schools and universities, government agencies, correctional facilities, retail stores, casinos and in many other commercial environments throughout North America. Premier Cisco Certified partner specializing in their Physical Security line. Many of our clients have a Cisco network backbone allowing video security hardware to integrate with existing network components. cameras are all IP networked based and require little maintenance. All Axis cameras can be viewed from any smart phone or tablet such as the I Pad. Axis also has video hosting services which provide off site backup for video. Milestone Systems’ software allows us to connect legacy and IP cameras into a simple video management system. The software runs on workstation no longer requiring a standalone DVR system.

CCTV Solutions Help Your Business Stay Safe and Efficient!

Decrease Inventory Shrinkage

surveillance solution seamlessly integrates with POS system.

Provide Safety and Security

By applying I/O, Video Analytics, and LPR at critical areas, such as cashiers, warehouses, and parking lots, NUUO surveillance solution detects and responds to the accidents, theft or robberies.

Enhance Operations and Management

When retailer’s business scope includes multiple stores, free central monitoring software (Remote Live Viewer) connects and displays the views from different stores in one unified interface.

Business Intelligence

surveillance counting application can also helps retailers do marketing analytics.

Network Cameras

ability to create and maintain an effective and reliable IP Surveillance System. Utilizing VIVOTEK’s state-of-the-art IP Network Cameras, users can build a completely scale able, high performance wired or wireless IP Surveillance System that can effectively monitor and protect valuable assets. With the installation of a networked surveillance system, you can locally or remotely monitor the safety and security of people and property anywhere, anytime. Networked surveillance makes it possible to send live images and audio for remote monitoring, learning, troubleshooting, web broadcasting, and any other activity requiring a remote presence.

advanced codec technology allows you to easily view, control, and manage all networked cameras using any standard web browser or our surveillance management software from any networked computer.

For us, the installation of a CCTV (closed circuit TV with Internet Access) surveillance system, alarm system, or entry intercom system is not a sideline. Security camera systems, keyless entry systems, and other alarm and security solutions are second nature. View your business from anywhere in the world with Internet access.
In fact, it’s more economical for you, our customer, to have all the cabling and wiring for phones, computers, and security systems installed at the same time, by the same personnel. Let the experts’ do it right, once, allowing you to reduce costs and centralize responsibility.

Phones Plus is experienced in providing you with:
• The latest and most reliable security system solutions
• Keyless entry systems
• CCTV camera and surveillance equipment with internet access
• Door entry security systems
• Entry intercom systems
• Wireless security systems
• Alarm systems

At Phones Plus, we have dozens of security system solutions, and the experience to save you money over purchasing individual components yourself. We supply everything necessary to run a full CCTV surveillance system, and the experienced personnel to handle your installation quickly and efficiently.

LED lighting

commercial electrician services Bondi

“LED-Lighting” works with the client to produce a brief for the site to be assessed. This may be based upon purely energy saving, quality of light and hence enhanced customer experience, Client Specific on of these parameters and more. There will be an initial energy assessment of the existing installation with supportive real-time monitoring. “LED-Lighting” will then work with the client to produce a lighting design and calculation conforming to Part L (2013) Compliance including the LENI calculation standards. Upon contractual agreement implementation of the proposal will commence.

We all take lighting for granted but it affects every aspect of our daily lives. It creates ambience, influences mood, and even impacts productivity – so getting it right is important. Commercial lighting also accounts for up to 40% of the energy cost in some office buildings, so selecting the right lamps and lighting technologies is critical to controlling your budget.

We’re always looking for new ideas and new ways to add value. A good example is our ‘Lighting in Future Environments’ (LIFE) approach, which is designed to save you money and reduce carbon emissions over the whole life of your lighting installations.

We’re also working with the world’s leading ‘Grade A’ lighting manufacturers to introduce the latest future-proof energy efficient technology, including LED lighting. Our commercial LED lighting already offers a fast, cost-effective and versatile service – but as pioneers in commercial lighting, we’re continuously strivingLighting design doesn’t just need to be functional – it can generate stunning visual effects, create ambiance, lift our mood, and influence our behaviour and productivity. Without expert commercial lighting design however, none of this is possible.

We’re industry leaders in lighting design, with our services already in place at some of the UK’s biggest businesses. By working together, we can help design lighting systems that can transform your office space.

We have our own in-house team of lighting designers who understand how to use light both artistically and effectively by exploiting all the latest technologies. Our lighting design team also understand how to adapt lighting to the needs of the people using it, whether its a shopping mall, a corporate HQ, or a public space.

And because we manage every aspect of lighting throughout its life-cycle, we have a completely different perspective from other commercial lighting design companies – who merely deliver the initial design and have no further involvement.

We’ve won awards across a whole range of sectors, but it’s not just about style. Our lighting design projects are technically efficient, environmentally sustainable, and legally compliant. So whether it’s a new lighting installation or an enhancement to an existing property, our lighting design team can achieve a unique balance between the art and science of brilliant lighting. for improvement

Broadband Cabling

Broadband Cabling electrician Sydney

‘Internet Service Provider licensed by DOT with a global presence. A strong emphasis on quality of service and reliability has enabled us to cater to subscribers across hundreds of locations.’ core competence lies in its multi-discipline approach backed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the fields of engineering, finance, marketing, institutional sales and entrepreneurship development.

We offer Internet services using metro Ethernet network infrastructure. Known as the fastest growing ISP, we serve thousands of home subscribers apart from its corporate customers.

broad band service network is spread across all the cities it is present in and is constantly expanding to cover more and more areas within the city. A vast majority of our network is built through our tie-ups with Local Cable Operators who sign up with us either as our Distributors or Franchisees. As our Distributors, their role is to install our services at customer locations in their area and service the network of that area as well as get Franchisee Operators within their area of operations.

Our Enterprise Division provides IP-based secure, flexible, robust & best in class enterprise solutions to corporate as well as other ISPs.

We offer a complete range of connectivity & system integration solutions/services such as High Speed Internet, Bandwidth on Demand, Data Storage & Security, Co-location Services and Internet Telephony (VoIP).

Dedicated Internet Leased Line comes with a 24×7 helpdesk and onsite support. The major features of our services are:

• High uptime link ideal for 24X7 heavy internet usages
• Maximum protection from Internet downtimes
• To suit various business needs
• Ability to run multiple critical applications simultaneously
• Symmetrical speeds for upload and download
• Business continuity maintained through 24×7 helpdesk support
• Onsite technical support to solve critical issues
• Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager to ensure
• Ability to run multiple mission critical applications simultaneously
• Best-in-class SLAs

Service Offerings

• High Speed Internet Broadband Service
• VoIP
• Dedicated Lease line
• Bandwidth on Demand
• Enterprise VoIP
• Data Storage Co-location services

Way forward is all set to provide to its customer a very cost effective technologically advanced internet connection for their personal or commercial use. This would enable the subscribers to have an access to a plethora of Value added services like video on demand, gaming, e-commerce etc. under a secured conditional access and at a very competitive price.

Garden Lighting

Electrician Maroubra

With our electrician in Maroubra, you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, ethereal wonderland that makes it as stunning at night as it is in the day – if not more so.

Our services and products allow you to opt for fantastic landscape garden lighting that we will happily install for you and we also have a consult and design service so that you and our designers can plan your dream garden.
We provide design and installation services throughout Greater London and beyond so if you if you want to make the most of your property get in touch today.

Consult and Design

There are lots of garden lighting products on the market but without experience and expertise in garden lighting you might struggle to achieve the atmosphere you want to create. This is where our consult and design service could help. Our experienced and knowledgeable designers will visit you to discuss your desires and assess your property, so you can plan your garden lighting and end up with a striking and salubrious space. Whatever your garden lighting dreams we will be able to help you.

Garden Lighting – Beauty and Security

The two biggest benefits of garden lighting are beauty and security. A property is safer with garden lighting as it deters trespassers and potential thieves from coming anywhere near, and the aesthetic appeal of amazing lighting is great. With landscape garden lighting you can really highlight the features of your outdoor area, therefore enhancing your entire property. If you want to transform your garden into a magical starlit paradise, browse our services on the site and get in touch today.

Contact us today to discuss your garden and the huge range of options available to you; we offer completely no obligation quotations and like nothing more than to provide you the benefit of our experience.

Outdoor Lighting is a small and family run company with 20 years experience in the electrical industry and almost a decade specialising in outdoor and garden lighting within the M25 and the home counties.

We directly employ a small team of highly experienced, BS7671 qualified, professional and friendly engineers who can help you with every aspect of lighting your garden;

• Product knowledge and advice
• Planning consultation
• Designing and plans
• Order and supply of parts and products
• 24 hours a day online store
• Electrical installation and set up
• Lighting installation and testing
• System renovations
• System upgrades and expansions

So many of our customers have expressed a preference for dealing with just one company that we’ve worked hard to be able to offer a complete and all round service, meeting the highest quality and safety standards at every level, with full NICEIC accreditation.

Our attention to quality materials, work and customer satisfaction has gained us an excellent reputation for quality delivery and regular recommendations. Although we enjoy offering a total service we can work just as well in conjunction with your own dedicated landscaper or garden designer, and for your absolute assurance we guarantee all cabling for 5 years and all transformers and light fittings for 2 years.

We’re confident you won’t find a better company to help bring your garden lighting to life;contact us today to discuss options with one of our knowledgeable staff and arrange for ano obligation estimate!

Even the most expensive garden lighting can be an anti climax if it’s not positioned correctly; we believe our strength lies not only in providing and installing high quality products but also in our complete design and consultation service.

With such a huge range of options available in todays market our extensive product knowledge and two decades of experience can prove invaluable in creating your ideal exterior lighting scheme.

We’ll visit your property to discuss your ideas with you before putting forward our own suggestions and creating a design plan. Our advice will be free flowing about details like the type of light to use, how to position it and which switch system to install to balancebudget, security enhancement, practicality and desired effect.

The range of effects you can achieve is extensive and with todays switch systems you can create a range of schemes and scenes to suit particular moods, times of day or evenseasons of the year; we’ll guide you through all the possibilities to help take your garden to the next level!

Whether you’re looking at a new build, renovation or expansion we’re here to support you and design a beautiful night time environment using the latest technology and systems;contact us today to arrange your survey and estimate!

Repair and maintenance of Electrical Systems

Electrician Bondi

Your vehicles electrical system not only allows you to enjoy the radio it is responsible for essential functions including starting your engine, powering your vehicles computer to illuminating your brake lights. Oftentimes, an electrical problem can be intermittent requiring a full inspection by a trained technician. Some of the basic signs you need to have your vehicle inspected include:

Turn signal flashing at a different speed. This can be from a bad bulb or faulty wiring
Brake light on dashboard lit. This can be from a bad bulb or faulty wiring
Accessories such as the defroster not turning on. This may be from a burned out fuse.
Dashboard lights periodically go dim. This is often a sign that your alternator is failing and requires immediate service.
Stalling at traffic lights. This is often a sign that your alternator is failing and requires immediate service.
Vehicle will not start. This is from the battery not having a strong enough charge. This can be due to an old battery or a failing alternator and requires immediate service
Vehicle will not start in cold weather. This is usually an indication of a bad battery.

Springdale Automotive has certified technician able to inspect and repair the following:

• Battery, Starting & Charging System
• Diagnosis and Repairs
• Battery Service & Replacement
• Starter Service & Replacement
• Alternator Service & Replacement
• Vehicle Lighting
• Vehicle Accessories
• Windshield Wipers
• Vehicle Wiring & Battery Cables

Electrical systems in vehicles today are complex, intricate systems. Improper handling of batteries and electrical wires runs the risk of shock and fire. We have certified technicians and the highest quality equipment in the automotive industry to help insure the safety and reliability of your vehicle and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and providing the best quality auto repair for your vehicle. We also work for ensuring the management of the following areas-

• To help prevent power outages, make sure there are not too many appliances      plugged into one circuit.
• Regularly use self-test button on ground fault circuit interrupters/arc to ensure proper working order.
• Before working with wires or electrical connections, check them with a voltage tester to be sure they are dead.
• Use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets where damp conditions exist (basements, bathrooms, outdoors, etc.), as required by the National Electric Code.
• Leave a warning message that you are working on the circuit at the service panel, and tape the circuit breaker in the off position. With a fuse box, take the fuse out.
• Plumbing and gas pipes are often used to ground electrical systems. Never touch them while working with electricity.
• Don’t use metal ladders with overhead electricity.

Energy Management Assessment and Planning

Energy Management Assessment and Planning Coogee


We Group’s vision for energy assessment and efficiency is to achieve an industry-leading reputation as an energy solutions provider. We are the first electrical contractor in the region to have completed LEED Silver, Gold, and Platinum projects. We has since completed multiple Net-Zero buildings and remodels. We are committed to LEED best practices for every client.

Energy Assessments Play a Critical Role
• reduce operating costs
• prepare for cap and trade of energy credits
• reduce energy consumptions
• reduce carbon footprint

What is an Energy Assessment?

Energy assessments are inspections, surveys, and analyses of a building’s systems. They evaluate natural resource usage efficiency and identify energy conservation opportunities. They often reduce energy consumption and cost. Energy assessments include evaluating systems such as:

• building envelope
• lighting
• water
• steam
• compressed air
• process systems
• operation, control, and maintenance of all the above

How are Energy Assessments Used?

Energy assessments provide knowledge used to allocate resources, make funding decisions, and drive energy management strategies and planning. They validate energy management initiatives, ensuring they are effective and sustainable. Energy assessments identify financially viable projects that:

• improve energy usage and efficiency
• improve application and utilization of alternative energy sources or strategies
• reduce maintenance costs

We works with each client on a customized basis to prepare customized energy efficiency proposals. We conduct site visits to review and analyze relevant systems. We refer to the pyramid diagram to identify systems that consume the most energy and are the most cost effective to change.


We provides clients three different levels of in-depth energy assessments. We can also create custom audit scopes for targeted assessments on select systems. We target and analyze systems that have the largest energy impact and return on investment.

Basic no cost/low cost opportunities are identified and corrective measures are briefly described. Lighting efficiency and control systems are assessed, and a report is prepared recommending different strategies.
Energy conservation opportunities are identified, corrective measures briefly described and quick estimates of energy reductions and cost are provided. Level of detail is sufficient to prioritize energy-efficiency projects and determine the need for a more detailed assessment, study, or design.
Every relevant system is tested for efficiency, identifying all energy conservation opportunities appropriate for a facility. The level of detail is sufficient to justify project implementation and to commit design funds.

Steps in Performing an Energy Audit

We collects site-specific data through extensive research. We provide the client with detailed energy efficiency information so they can make the most informed decision. Weifield handles all the testing and analysis, making the process simple and easy for the client.

• historical energy usage data is collected and analyzed from the building and operational characteristics
• modifications or operational changes are identified, reducing the energy usage and cost
• testing, design, engineering, and economical analysis of potential modifications is performed
• energy conservation opportunities are summarized with corresponding savings and cost, so prioritization and allocation of resources can be accomplished
• a complete report is prepared documenting systems, analysis processes, and energy provider rebates
• Review and application of equipment and components, reducing energy consumption cost.
• Review organizational readiness and buy-in for energy management plans and goals.
• Support and improve energy conservation initiatives.
• Maximize no-cost/low-cost improvement opportunities


• Review project’s sequencing strategies, capacity optimization, and energy recovery solutions.

Upon completion of the assessment, We will suggest energy conservation opportunities. Typical energy savings can be found in the following areas:


• lamp and fixture technology
• control, dimming, and automation
• daylight harvesting


• control and commissioning
• demand control ventilation
• equipment maintenance


• reflective and/or ‘green’ rooftops
• variable frequency drives


• demand control
• air leak programs
• air quality optimization


• capacity matches consumption
• equipment maintained and operated efficiently
• business operations and system control and alignment
• retro or continuous commissioning


• type of hot water system


• toilet using gray water


• insulation and gray water integration


• peak demand saving
• effective use of exhaust heat
• CHP solutions


• photovoltaic arrays
• wind power

Lighting Design and Installation

electrician emergency service sydney

In skilled hands, lighting enhances, sculpts and inspires. It can also influence well being.

Lighting at Arup brings together art, science and technology. Our truly global team of designers create expressive, sustainable and award-winning concepts in light. We understand the interplay of structural form and lighting, and work with architects and artists to provide original conceptual designs. Our technical knowledge ensures that concepts become viable solutions.

We also know how lighting affects people at work, at home, at school and at play – not just inside but for outside spaces too. This equips us to shape solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment and for businesses.

Arup helps clients think about lighting strategically – whether their goal is to use the visual and emotional impact of light to strengthen brand experiences or to lower carbon emissions and save on energy bills.

We bring excellence to the design of the most challenging lighting schemes, such as world-class sporting venues, where lighting quality is critical so that the broadcast media doesn’t miss a trick.

Designing with daylight

Natural light can enhance architecture, improve the way people feel and reduce our reliance on electricity.
Arup is an acknowledged leader in day lighting – our team brings together the best in creative and scientific thinking. Our analysis of the affects of natural light is precise, while our design ability sees us working closely with such architects as Renzo Piano and Herzog & de Meuron.

In museums and galleries, our skill in using daylight theatrically comes to the fore. Our celebrated lighting designs for the New Acropolis Museum and Art Institute of Chicago show how sophisticated manipulation of natural light can create drama without sacrificing the sensitivity required in lighting valuable exhibits.

Façades that engage

The interaction of light with a building’s skin influences both interior environment and outward expression.
We work closely with building physicists and façade engineers to understand and control interior lighting and solar heat-gain in the daytime. At night, when light defines a building’s signature, we use lighting designs and media façades to stunning effect. Our approach encases corporate identity and brand image in clean and neatly finished detail, thoroughly customised for each client.

In Beijing, Arup used LED lighting and photovoltaic arrays in the GreenPix zero-energy media wall, an interactive façade that produces twice the energy it consumes. In Abu Dhabi, our lighting helped create a landmark night-sky profile for the Yas Hotel.

Light that works in context

Lighting guides us, and directs our attention. It makes our cities vibrant and our streets safer. On the other hand, too much of the wrong kind of light becomes unwanted ‘light pollution’ and inflates our energy use.

Arup brings thoughtful approaches to lighting into master plans to create places that work better for people. We think of lighting in its functional and cultural roles in urban renewal plans such as the Heart of Doha. We also consider how lighting defines a new place, as in New Songdo City.

Quality Lighting That Saves You Money

Greater energy efficiency, smart controls and enhanced environments are just a few of the benefits you can achieve with professional lighting design and installation by Lighting. Our experienced team delivers straightforward solutions for your specific requirements and preferences.

Energy Savings

Given the wide variety of lighting technology available today, our designs use the most energy-efficient products. And because saving energy is good for the environment, many utility companies offer substantial rebates and incentive programs.

We are an approved contractor for utility companies in our markets, enabling us to make sure you receive maximum utility rebates.

Smart Performance

We understand how to design lighting systems for older as well as new structures in a way that makes the best use of your space and delivers the greatest longevity.

Advancements in lighting technology enable you to control how your lighting performs. Smart control solutions provide additional efficiency as well as greater control and an enhanced environment.

Enhanced Surroundings

Consistent and attractive lighting can make your workplace more conducive to productivity. It can also improve shopping experiences so they’re more pleasant for your customers and more lucrative for you. Proper exterior lighting makes your building and surrounding areas safer for customers and employees.

Dedicated Teamwork

Our in-house consultants take the time to understand the functional performance and energy savings you want to achieve. We do a detailed energy assessment and document the specific return on investment you can gain with any installation we propose. We have in-depth knowledge about all types of lighting products, and are able to recommend the ideal fixtures for any facility.

At the time of installation, you can count on full-time staff of licensed electricians to do the job professionally, on time and on budget. The continuity and accountability of working with employees from one company for design and installation means you receive excellent service every step of the way.

Financing Options

We offer financing options through a variety of financial partners, delivering competitive, value-added solutions.

Safety Switches

Electrician Vaucluse

• Appliances that we use in our everyday lives can cause us harm. Faults with these appliances or with wiring can prove fatal. A Safety Switch can help save a life by monitoring and turning off power through a circuit within 0.03 of a second should it detect a fault. A Switchboard mounted safety switch provides the necessary protection for your home or investment property. All power and lighting circuits can be protected. Switchboard mounted safety switches must be installed by a registered electrical contractor, therefore should your property not be protected Casey Electrical Service can assist. An aging property may also require a switchboard upgrade to enable safety switches to be installed. Do not hesitate to discuss this require completely understand all facets of commercial electrical contracting. Our skilled and professional team enables us to provide you with the most competitive quotes whilst maintaining the highest standard of service and output. We use the best and professional equipment to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients with our expertise in the fields of-
• High pressure low flow water is pumped from the water tank (which is shown in blue) to the excavation head
• The water slurries the earth and is removed by the vacuum hose (shown in black)
• The removed soils move from the vacuum hose and are deposited in the tank for removal
• The vacuum pressure air is filtered, compressed by the vacuum pump and exhausted safely into the atmosphere.
• Locating underground services without damage or costly repairs from utility companies
• Eliminate the risk of damaging live services leading to costly legal action
• Create access for live gas, sewer and water pipe repairs and maintenance
• Clean out electrical pits, communication pits and storm water pits
• Create potholes for fence posts, sign posts, or any deep hole required
• Installing pull through ropes in conduit and ducting
• Tree root excavation
• Valve & hydrant maintenance
• Underpinning excavation
Hydro Excavation is a non-destructive and non-contact way of removing soil. It can be utilized when digging in and around areas that may result in damage by conventional excavation or when mechanical excavation may be considered dangerous.
Contact with electrical, gas pipes and data cables can be eliminated by using this unique process of soil removal
We recommend and can provide the following 3 steps prior to digging/excavating:
• Dial before you dig (ph. 1100)
• Radio detection scanning
• Hydro excavation
We use and recommend the Australian made and designed NODIG equipment.
Our operators are qualified Electrical Mechanics and registered communication cable works.


As an electrical contractor performing excavation work, we discovered the risk of unforeseen incidents that may occur during excavation works. Casey Hydro Excavation offers this service as a means of positively identifying underground assets prior to excavating.
This type of excavation is the most advanced technique available for non destructive digging.